Optech offers the 400G OSFP Transceiver including 400G OSFP DR4 and 400G OSFP VR4. These can support two interconnect technologies, InfiniBand (IB) and Ethernet (ETH), and are fully compatible with Nvidia devices. Paired with high-speed computing AI devices, they enhance the overall performance of AI networks.

These are used in Nvidia ConnectX-7/OSFP adapters connected to twin-port transceivers in dual 400G InfiniBand/Ethernet switches.

400G OSFP Transceiver

Part NumberModel NoPictureData Rate(Gbps)WavelengthMedia TypeReachTX Power(dBm)RX Sens.(dBm)Temp.(℃)NoteDatasheet
OPOY-MT5-85-CBOSFP-400G-VR4400850nmAPC/MMF MPO-1250m-4.6~+4-6.30~70Compatible with NVIDIA MMA4Z00-NS400
OPOY-SX5-13-CBSOSFP-400G-DR44001310nmAPC/SMF MPO-12500m-2.9~+4-5.90~70Compatible with NVIDIA MMS4X00-NS400
OPOY-S02-13-CBSOSFP-400G-DR4+4001310nmAPC/SMF MPO-1202km-2.9~+4-5.90~70
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