Optech’s 25G SFP28 AOC (Active Optical Cables) portfolio offers a wide range of active cables with different options in terms of lengths and cables (OM3, OM4). It is the perfect solution to linked switches up to 100 meters.

25G SFP28 AOCs enable simpler cable management in high-density deployments which have a lower weight and smaller bend radius.

For short distances applications, 25G SFP28 DAC is a more cost-effective choice.

25G SFP28 AOC 有源光纜

Part NumberModel No.PictureData Rate(Gbps)Media TypeLength(M)Temp.(℃)NoteDatasheet
OPSF28-F-03-AKAOC25Optical3 m0~70
OPSF28-F-05-AKAOC25Optical5 m0~70
OPSF28-F-10-AKAOC25Optical10 m0~70
OPSF28-F-20-AKAOC25Optical20 m0~70
OPSF28-F-30-AKAOC25Optical30 m0~70
OPSF28-F-A0-AKAOC25Optical100 m0~70
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