The 100G optical transceivers series include different form factors such as QSFP28 and CFP4.

Optech’s 100G Transceivers includes QSFP28-SR4, QSFP28-LR4, QSFP28-ER4, QSFP28-BIDI, QSFP28-PSM4 and QSFP28-IR4.

It offers connecting solution from 100m to 40km for data centers, high speed network and 5G.

The name of the 100G QSFP28 comes from the fact that its electrical interface can handle four channels of 25G each, potentially up to 28G.

100G QSFP28

Part NumberModel No.PictureData Rate(Gbps)WavelengthMedia TypeReachTX Power(dBm)RX Sens.(dBm)Temp.(℃)NoteDatasheet
OPCW-S30-13-CBQSFP28-ER4 Lite1001310nmLC30kmTBDTBD0~70EML
OPCW-WX1-85-CQSFP28-BiDi100850/900nmDual LC150m-6~+4-7.910~70BiDi
OPCW-W02-13-CBQSFP28-CWDM4-BiDi1001270/1310nmSingle LC2km-6.5~+2.5-11.50~70BiDi

100G CFP4

Part NumberModel No.PictureData Rate(Gbps)Media TypeReachTX Power(dBm)RX Sens.(dBm)Temp.(℃)NoteDatasheet

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