Optech’s 25G SFP28 Transceivers include SFP28-SR, SFP28-LR, SFP28-ER, SFP28-BIDI, and SFP28-CWDM. SFP28 transceiver it’s a Small Form-factor Pluggable (SFP) and its electrical interface can handle a channel of 25G, potentially up to 28G.

25G SFP28 transceiver offers a connecting solution from 100m to 40km for data centers, high-speed networking, and 5G applications. It provides a new way for networking upgrade: 10G-25G-40G-100G, which is an energy-efficient solution to meet the growing demands of next-generation data center networks. Optech also provides 25G SFP28 AOC and 25G SFP28 DAC products.

25G SFP28 Transceiver

Part NumberModel No.PictureData Rate(Gbps)WavelengthMedia TypeReachTX Power(dBm)RX Sens.(dBm)Temp.(℃)NoteDatasheet
OPAX-W10-xx-IBSFP28-Bidi251270/1310nmLC10kmTBDTBD40 ~ 85BiDi
OPAX-C08-yy-CBSFP28-CWDM-08-yy24.3~28.11270 ~ 1331nmSMF8 dB-1 ~ +3<-180 ~ 70
OPAX-C08-yy-IBSFP28-CWDM-08-yy24.3~28.11270 ~ 1331nmSMF8 dB-1 ~ +3<-18-40 ~ 85
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